Innova Junior College

Innova Junior College is a college located on Champions Way in Singapore near northwave ec Innova Junior College was set up in 2005. In Singapore it is described as a junior college yet in the UK a similar institution would be described as a sixth form college. To maintain similarities with the British education system the students at this college study to pass their A levels. Most of the students are aiming to achieve high grades so that they can gain a place at university once they leave the college. The courses are for the equivalent of 12th and 13th graders at US high schools.

Northwave EC near Innova Junior College

Champions Way is actually found in the Woodlands area of the island. This is a relatively well off district and the college at woodlands northwave hao yuan attracts talented students from all areas of Singapore. To say that the college has only be opened since 2005 it is achieving really good A level results that are a testimony to the hard work of both students and their teachers. The college has a growing reputation for excellence on the island, which in turn means more pupils wish to enrol there.

Hao Yuan Woodlands Northwave

Parents searching for a junior college for children should seriously consider applying for a place at Innova Junior College near northwave ec. With students gaining great grades each and every year there is no real surprise that many of them go on to graduate from some of the universities around. Alternatively some pupils use their good grades to find jobs instead of going to university. Either way former pupils of the college have found that it has a good reputation that both employers and universities take notice of at northwave woodlands.

Gambas Ave Northwave EC

Parents should seriously consider sending their children to this college to improve their prospects of a more successful career.

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Sengkang Sports And Recreation Centre beside Treasure Crest Sim Lian

The Sengkang Sports And Recreation Centre is located in Anchorvale area, within Sengkang New Town, in Singapore. It was opened in 2008, two years after the construction groundbreaking ceremony. The actual construction period was initially planned to take only a year but it was later extended by several months. This sports centre is capable of hosting almost any sport in existence.

This facility was developed with the aim of improving sporting facilities in Pasir Ris-Punggol constituency as well as Sengkang New Town. The total project cost was over S$ 1 billion. The initial funding raised through Grassroots fundraising. The project was carried on despite the recession experienced in Singapore in the early 2000s. It is located beside Treasure Crest and is usable by the residents.

Treasure Crest Sengkang Sports And Recreation Centre


Sitting Capacity
It can accommodate up sitting 200 spectators. The seats can be retracted to create additional space for other sports if need be.

Indoor space
This centre has an indoor sports hall that can be used to play badminton, volleyball, and basketball. This facility also includes a gymnasium and a dance studio.

Outdoor space
The outdoor space has a synthetic field for playing soccer and hockey.

Treasure Crest EC Sengkang

Social Facilities
This centre has four swimming pools and five water slides that are available for use in sports or recreation. For those who are not interested in actual sporting in Treasure Crest EC, there is a community club that offers a study area, multi-media room, tea room, rooftop terrace, play area, and much more. There are also dining facilities and retail spaces available.

The centre’s amenities include a park paved with pathways for walking and cycling. There is also an MRT train service that gives easy access in and out of this sporting and recreational centre.

The Sengkang Sports And Recreation Centre is built next to a river. Sitting on 4 hectares of land, it is eco-friendly and serves as an excellent example of how we can protect the natural environment and still develop modern facilities.

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